Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mighty Minds 2009

We went to the Spring yesterday for the Mighty Minds competition with Claire, Eu Fern and Amy. I thought there were only going to be a few schools participatings. Mana tahu.... There were 56 teams altogether. So we had the first challenge, answering roughly 20 questions (we're bad at calculating fast). Then, we got in to the second challenge.

An arched suspension bridge.

That's what they expected us to build with straws and satay sticks plus the minor materials. Al instructed us what to do. Chooey helped draw the design plan while Al and I began constructing. The darn bridge refused to stay put after the framework was done. The people at the sidelines kept on saying it was never going to stand. So, to ease our minds, we sang along to the songs that were playing during the competition.

It finally stood being able to support the two cute toy cars. For a brief moment.

Then it collapsed. We cried deep in our hearts. And went Oh No!

No chance already.

But as the judging was held, they judges actually held up ours and it stood! I was so happy they even considered looking at it. The shocker was, we were in the top 5! I'll never forget that moment.

We had to do a 60 second presentation after that. Al began it, me in the middle and Chooey ended it. As you can see, the bridge wasn't that stabile. :-) Haha.. Yeap, we know. After the F4F5 finished their models and the top 5 were selected, it was result time.

Butterflies in everyone's stomach. Third goes to SMK Jalan Arang, if I'm not mistaken. As though all hope was gone, we were like ,"Nah, it's over" but Guprit kept cheering on. When the announced we were second, Chooey and I were temporarily shocked while Al and Lip Yi were already screaming. My mum said we were so loud. It's a good thing. We have each other's back.

Second for a collapsed bridge. Pretty amazing.

I think this has been one of the best days of my life, remembering Al, Chooey and I as a team, Lip Yi who was reprimanded for getting over excited with photos, Guprit's funny antics and everyone's support, getting us through this.

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I ain't an enigma said...

I saw you @ spring and congrats!